Wasatch Media prices based on a personal evaluation and requirements of each client's needs.

Initial consultation: No charge for first meeting. Consulting and design fees from $250 to $1000 for the initial report or proposal. Graphic design options, photography, special effects, Java script etc. Flash intros, are additional fees and determine the final cost of any project. All webpage layouts and graphics are unique to your application and tailored to your specific application. Webmaster services available for managing and/or the redesign and update of existing sites.

Our specialty is determining the appropriate solutions for your business.

We determine the functionality required to achieve the best website objectives for you. We recommend the best technology and design the using the latest Internet development technology and programming style that puts usability and company branding first. With us they won't just stumble on to your company! We are your complete Internet marketing company that deals 1 on 1 with each of our clients. We cover all of your marketing needs from the initial design to completion. If you already have a website, or one of those free (only your input is free) cookie cutter sites that are exactly like a million others that do nothing for you, and only require your filling in the blanks, we can update it to meet the high standards of today's needs.

Services offered

Consulting fees: (starting at $250, or $150 an hour plus expenses)

Photography: ($350 per day plus lab fees, personal expenses)

Website Design (as low as $500 for basic page)

Website Re-Design (starting as low as $500)

Flash Presentations (starting as low as $1000)

Search Engine Ranking Services (starting as low as $34.99)

Direct E-mail Marketing Campaigns (starting as low as $200)

The ability to promote your product, service, website, or MLM/network marketing opportunity to millions instantly is what advertisers have been dreaming of for over 100 years. What we do is bring your dream to reality. The greatest part is, it's completely affordable. Our pricing cannot be beat because we have no middle man that we go through like the rest. We do all the work directly with you, the client, to ensure your satisfaction. E-mail us back with your phone number, business type, name and the best time to call for your free consultation! If we have reached you in error please e-mail us back with your e-mail address.

Business Services available: Photography and scanning services for your online or business applications. Document-Letterhead-Logo design: Audio production: (call on pricing) Video production: (Call. some services through partner A.V.T. F.) Prices begin at $50 per hour for your web page photographs, brochures, and whatever your needs my be. Graphic design charges begin at $50 per hour. We design Business logos, graphics for brochures, letterheads, stationary, business cards and advertising. All work is photo ready for delivery to your printer or advertising source. Document services and presentations: Let Wasatch design your personalized business documents, and/or sales presentations for your business. Printing services also available through Wasatch. E-mail Wasatch Media for a free consultation and quote on your business needs.

Photography: Photography is also available for entertainment events, industrial projects, and advertising layouts. Prices begin at $450 per day + lab fees, travel expenses and equipment rentals where required. Wasatch Media Group, has several world class photographers and videographers available for your special projects.

e-mail Wasatch Media for consultation. e-mail: Wasatch Media

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