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Millennium special: Intel PIII 733, Abit AV-6 mainboard w/512k cache, 128MB SDRAM 20GB Ultra 66 Western Digital HDD, 48X CD-ROM, 3.5 floppy, Ati Expert 2000 AGP video card, Sound Blaster Live soundcard, 100 Watt powered speakers, 56K V.90 modem, Touch screwwless ATX midtower case, MS Intellimouse with wheel, Keytronics 106 key keyboard, KDS Visual Sensation 17" monitor, Windows '98 SE, ..............$1299 - One year warranty, one year replacement warranty on KDS monitor

AMD K-6II 500, Chaintech Socket 370 Mainboard w512k cache, 64MB SDRAM, Western Digital, Maxtor or Fujitsu 20.6GB Ultra 66 HDD, Ati Expert 2000 AGP video, Sound Blaster 128 sound card, 56k V.90 modem, Touch screwless case, KDS Visual Sensation 17" monitor, MS Intellimouse, Keytronics keyboard, 40 watt powered speakers,........................... $1099 - One year warranty

3Com 56k V.90 PCI Hardware modems $110. (These modems work great with Lnett, and Elko.net)

Ati Rage Furry MAX 256 64MB AGP video card...... $229 (Dual processors with cooling fans, the ultimate video card)

Nvida Ge-force 256 64MB AGP video.... call

Sound Blaster Live' .... call

** system configuration subject to change due to product availability through distributors. All hardware and perphrials new unless otherwise noted. Wendover PC does not take trade-ins or purchase used equipment.

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